Revisiting the visitor from India!

My final words on the skype interview… see previous posts here and here.

Here’s a longer piece of video showing more of the interaction and the engagement of the class.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And one more quote from Raj… from an email that he sent to the kids…

“My belief in humanity was reinforced and my hopes for global peace strengthened when I heard from you all, you citizens of tomorrow’s world, all the good thoughts and uncomfortable queries that many of us easily FORGET just because it is painful to REMEMBER.  As I already warned you, I am not the authority in many of the subjects you touched today, but i can boldly say i have given you the broad picture. wikipedia and google can anyway, fill in the details. 🙂
The most important ‘take-away’ for me, from this interaction, would be that I have hopefully triggered hundred more questions, many of which we don’t even yet know the answers to …”

Clearly I am inspired by this whole idea! There are so many ways we can flatten the walls and broaden the possibilities for learning.  I recently came across the skype an author network, whose mission it is to provide teachers and librarians with a way to connect authors, books and young readers, through virtual visits. This must have exciting possibilities!

What do you think? (click to comment above and have your say!)

10 thoughts on “Revisiting the visitor from India!

  1. I read Raj’s comment and it brought tears to my eyes (these sorts of things do), he’s actually reaffirmed my faith in humanity and tomorrow’s world. I am in awe of how you, Edna, are stepping out into the virtual world with the same courage and excitment that the explorers of yesteryear had.


  2. This was amazing to watch! I’ve only just started blogging and I’m already addicted. The idea of having a flat classroom is exciting and daunting. What I lack are the virutal resources which I know are at my disposal – I just don’t know where to find them. Well done on initiating the first step. Can’t wait to see what more you can do!


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