Solution to a teacher’s nightmare!

A teacher’s nightmare! I found myself very suddenly with 3 classes to supervise at once, because the intended replacement teacher had called in sick at the last moment.

Lots of kids! Lots of energy! Lots of noise! BUT… not enough computers and nothing planned that would keep 65 lively children occupied productively for 40 minutes. I thought quickly. My first goal was to reduce the noise level as fast as possible.

The solution: ToonDoo.

Within a few minutes the kids had paired up and were logging into our ToonDoo space. The task was to create a cartoon to show their understanding of the topic they had been exploring in class, with text in Hebrew.  ToonDoo is excellent for second language expression, providing a creative way to practice language skills.

The noise quickly died down, replaced by constructive chatter, as 65 engaged kids used their imagination to visualise scenes of an African village, from which Ethiopian Jews were rescued in Operation Moses in 1984.

There were so many trans-disciplinary skills evident… collaboration, creativity, thinking, communication! So what if there were 65 kids and some had to share chairs?!

How can you use Toonodo to enhance learning in your class? (Please share ideas in comment section !)

4 thoughts on “Solution to a teacher’s nightmare!

  1. WOW, If you can make it work with 65 children in a class, could it possibly work with 65 billion people in the world all sitting quitely at their desks, or mats engaging in World Solutions. Maybe morse code should be introduced as a kind of universal language. Imagine all the dots and dashes streaming from the mouths of the cartoon characters….


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