A community of learners…

Great session this morning!  We are really lucky to have such a wonderful team of teachers, willing to come early to discuss teaching practice, exchange ideas,  provide support, learn together…

As a PYP school, we are constantly striving to encourage true inquiry.  We are constantly trying to improve the way we question, the way we respond to questions, the way we encourage our students to question.  We are constantly aiming to get our students to think more deeply,  trialing thinking routines to engender thinking,  thinking about thinking itself!  We are excited when we feel that there is real, meaningful inquiry happening in our school.

This is NOT us!!

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At the last session of our ‘Thinking group’, we looked at the shift from a 20th century classroom model to that of the21st century and focused on the shift from ‘Learners working in isolation – classroom within 4 walls’ to ‘Learners working collaboratively with classmates and others around the world – the global classroom’ (see posts here, here and here on the virtual visitor from India, for an example of such a global classroom!).

In today’s session, we focused on the shift from ‘Teacher is judge.  No one else sees student work.‘ to ‘Self, peer and other assessments.  Public audience, authentic assessments.‘ Discussion centered around techniques for self and peer assessment and everyone shared ideas.

It wasn’t till we moved into the ‘public audience’ aspect that things started to buzz! There are hundreds of  web 2.0 tools available for expressing learning and publishing it on the internet to an authentic audience.  We talked about Voicethread and Toon Doo.  We looked at blogging and considered the possibility of a class blog.

Jocelyn shared her class wiki and described how the students had chosen a variety of web 2.0 tools to express the findings of their inquiries and embedded these into the class wiki. Then, using a given thinking routine, other students responded on the discussion page.

And this is not us… any more!!


We are only just beginning our exploration, but suddenly everyone was talking at once, challenged by the potential obstacles but enthusiastic about the possibilities!  One of the most exciting aspects is the willingness of teachers to take a step back and let their students take the lead.  We are all learners…

There was a real sense that we are a community of inquirers!

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