Reflections of a new blogger…


The first few entries took a quite a long time.  Not only did I have to consider what to say and how to say it, but I had to learn how to embed videos, adjust the width of my ToonDoos to fit the page,  find an appropriate theme (layout) that  was easy to read and the right width (this is my forth!)… Gradually it has become much quicker and easier, as I have mastered the techniques and let go of my inhibitions!


I thought a lot about what I would say in my first post.  I wrote it and rewrote it.  A more experienced blogger (my first reader) told me that I didn’t need to think so much and should try not to sound as if I was preaching. The second post ended up in the trash (actually after it was posted!) because the style didn’t seem to fit.  In fact, it seemed to me that the first 3 posts (including the one that was deleted!) had different styles entirely. That was because I hadn’t yet found ‘my voice’!  It took a little while to realise that I didn’t need to find a voice, I could just write the way I would normally speak!


At first I thought I needed to write about something ‘special’.  Then I started writing about what happens in my classroom and in my school. Soon I realised that I also wanted to share interesting and inspiring things that I came across.  And now, here I am, writing about the process itself.  If no-one suggests otherwise, I’ll just continue to write about whatever comes into my head!


I began with one reader who helped me get started,  then shared with a few friends and family.   At first, I wanted to set the blog to private to ensure that no-one other than invited people would see it.  As my confidence increased, Iwas ready to share with all my colleagues. Then I wrote about the virtual visitor from India, and he tweeted about it on twitter. I finally realised how exciting it can be to think you actually have readers out there!! …maybe 🙂

This is a great little clip (from commoncraft) explaining blogs!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

5 thoughts on “Reflections of a new blogger…

  1. Edna
    I really enjoyed watching the clip on youtube as it made it much more clear to me as to what a blog actually is. I love the comparison with the news and the idea of the relationship between the reader and the blogger as well as the idea of a group of bloggers with similar interests.
    Keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks, Claire. Those clips are straightforward and clear! There’s one on wikis too. Have you seen it?
      There are so many great thought-provoking education blogs and technology-in-education blogs out there! I have learned so much by subscribing to them. Maybe more than I have learned from books I have read. Definitely more than I have learned from any PD I ever attended!!


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