I’m a blogger too!

I received an excited, exciting email from Lauren the other day, saying “I’m a blogger too!”  She has started a delightful blog for her Year 1 class and is encouraging the kids to get involved 🙂

The goals are to get the students reading, writing and participating interactively.  She has posted several ideas for them to respond to and they have jumped in enthusiastically.

One blog post has instructions for listening to an audio story on her pageflakes page and then writing their responses.  She demonstrated first by modelling how to respond in a comment, and the class took it from there.  Another learning task involves creating an invention at this website and then describing it on the blog, in the comment section.

Lauren has replied to their comments too, so there is an ongoing conversation between her and the kids…


What an engaging way for 7 year olds to practise their reading, writing, listening and ICT skills!

Can you think of a way you might do something similar in your class? If 7 year-olds were brave enough to click that comment button and have their say… you can do it too!

2 thoughts on “I’m a blogger too!

  1. Purpose of the lesson:

    I introduced the children to the concept of a flat classroom (without using the term). I wanted them to understand that they can learn much more when we use the ‘outside world.’ I wanted them to see that we can learn from each other, through exploration and using video and sound. I showed them your blog and we watched two of your clips, ‘Blogs in plain English’ and ‘Revisiting the Visitor from India’. Both clips really empowered them and they were amazed by the possibilities! They already want to create their own blogs. I said we’d trial this first and take one step at a time. They have not stopped blogging since! They even go on it at home!


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