Thinking about learning… continued

In my previous post, I mentioned Angela Maiers’ reflective questions for learners.  She says ‘the difference between a successful learner and a learner who struggles does not lie in a score or percentile, but within the habits and attitudes — Habitudes— each learner possesses.’
It’s interesting to note how my students replied to those reflective questions!  Here is a sample of their responses to some of the questions:

What is the most important thing you do to grow yourself as a learner?

study, practice, try and take in as much as I can, ask, be a listener, be committed, want to know more, focus on and see what’s round me, think creatively, try my best, concentrate…

What do successful learners do that make them successful?

think , try their best,  listen to other people, keep their eyes open, take risks, learn from their own and others’ mistakes, listen to other people’s opinions, keep their minds open to the future, take in as much as they can…

What hinders your success as a learner?

distraction, fear of failing, lack of time, emotional problems, silence, lack of understanding, lack of concentration…

What do successful learners do when they do not know the subject well?

ask questions, look things up, think harder, be curious, stick with it, practice, research, try different learning techniques to improve…

How does your attitude affect you as a learner?

(see toondoo)


Thoughtful answers, don’t you think? All the more so, seeing as they are 11 years old!

3 thoughts on “Thinking about learning… continued

  1. Hi Ed,

    I love this- especially the Toon doo characters. I am itching to get an art blog page going for next year. can I sit with you to get one going. I said to Linda that I also want to use the flip camera to film works in progress as I don’t think alot of people realize how the kids work in art.


  2. Ed-
    I second that! Love, love, love the Toon Doo! Elena has a great idea using the flip cameras to record students responses. I have been interviewing students at every grade level, and it is amazing and inspiring what they know! Kudos to you for taking time to notice!


    1. I only just noticed that you had commented on my blog post (in response to yours on reflective questions). Your comment went to spam for some reason, and as an inexperienced blogger, I didn’t even know this possibility existed!

      As a PYP school, with a focus on inquiry learning, we strive to create a culture of thinking in our school. Making thinking visible and listening to students’ thinking are important aspects of this.

      Thanks so much. I love your blog.


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