I have just discovered edmodo, a  ‘private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments.  It’s really easy to add a video, image, poll or any kind of file.’  You can pose a question or set an assignment and kids can respond.  On first viewing, my students said ‘Wow it looks like facebook!’

The task was to view a video, which I posted for them, and then to respond through the thinking routine ‘Connect, Extend, Challenge’.

Disadvantages: We had a few teething problems, as this was the first time we had used edmodo.  But their site support is excellent! You just post a message and send to ‘support’ and the response is immediate.

Advantages: Every student was involved.  Every student was engaged.  Students can learn from each others’ responses and build on each others’ responses.  Students can continue to work on the task at home.

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