PLN – Ning

Part 3

I wrote about personal learning networks or PLN’s in a previous post and described how I had begun to develop a PLN on Twitter.

I liked this diagram of a personal learning environment on In the pICTure blog (nice name!).   Ian talks about the online and offline communities that form part of his learning ecosystem.

An offline PLN might involve friends and colleagues, but an online PLN has the potential to connect you with other educators all over the world to learn, share, give and receive support.  One of the easiest ways to put your toe in the water, and start developing an online PLN, is to join a ning or two.

What is a ning? It’s an online social network, where you can interact with like-minded people.  Some of my favourites:

Classroom 2.0, a social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and technology in education.

PYP Threads, a network for PYP teachers, described as’ a place to weave, unravel, and re-weave PYP threads into fabrics of communication’.

Educators PLN,  a ning  ‘dedicated to the support of a Personal Learning Network for Educators’.

Are you a member of any other nings you can recommend? Please share them in the comments section!

5 thoughts on “PLN – Ning

  1. Hi Edna

    Have to say I am finding Nings harder going than Twitter – not sure where to start – 140 characters is strangely liberating – don’t have to say too much. Had a tough day today – not students – management -posted on Twitter that some days I didn’t know why I bothered – got a response – because people here are supporting you in the background – just what I needed – back tomorrow for the next round


  2. It’s interesting just to read what other people say on nings. My first foray involved a search on the classroom 2.0 ning for vocabulary ideas for second language teaching. I learned about many web 2.0 tools, including voicethread! Also joining classroom 2.0 introduced me to all sorts of online webinars and conferences.
    Let’s discuss it later on chat. For anyone reading this, I met Donna through Twitter. She is part of my online PLN!


  3. There are lots of nings that help you connect with others who share your interests. Apart from the ones Edna mentioned, here are some I’ve found useful: – helps people partner on projects and start conversations on topics related to global education. It includes a group for K-3 teachers wanting to have their classes collaborate on mutually helpful projects. for teachers using Voicethread in their classrooms. for teachers using Toondoo in their classrooms. This one is private, but members can invite others. If anyone is interested, ask Edna or me!


  4. Hi, Edna, got here after you followed me on twitter. It’s great to build a wider professional learning network with other teachers! I’ll include you on my blog list now and rss feed.



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