You are the result of yourself…

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of Chilean poet and writer, Pablo Neruda, till I read this quote on a blog yesterday:

“You are the result of yourself.”

It really made me think… all sorts of things.  About myself, my family, my colleagues, my students, disadvantaged people, privileged people, famous people, criminals…

I wondered what kids would make of it.  Here are some responses from 12 year-olds, some of whom didn’t write their names. Thank you 6B for your awesome thinking!

The decisions and choices you make reflect the deep inner person you are. (Jessie)

The only competition is yourself. (Ellie)

I think it’s saying, try your hardest.. that is good enough.

Your mind is controlled by you, so you choose your future (Aria)

If  you want something, you have to work for it. (Benji)

You are you who you are. Don’t try and be someone who you are not. (Ruby)

It’s up to you to decide what you are in life.

I think it means I must take action for what I believe in. (Jessie. H)

I think it means however you choose to live your life, you will get the results back. (Melanie)

The effort you put in affects the outcome that you carry around.

It means whatever you do, you can succeed in life, if you think you can.

If you try something, the result is you. You can make something happen.

If you do something wrong or right, you are responsible for the outcome or consequences. (Justin)

It’s about responsibility and thinking carefully before you do something. (Joel)

What ever you do is a reflection on you. (Talia)

What you do is what you become.. think carefully before you do! (Natalie)

You control your own actions. If you do something you must know that it might kick you in the butt later! (A.R)

Your past will come back to you in your future. (Ruby)

P.S. I only found the whole poem afterwards.

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