On curiosity…

“I’ve noticed that people who read a lot of blogs and a lot of books also tend to be intellectually curious, thirsty for knowledge, quicker to adopt new ideas and more likely to do important work.

I wonder which comes first, the curiosity or the success?” (Seth Godin on Seth’s blog)

I’ve been thinking about it!  What do you think?

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to embed a video I liked of him talking about curiosity (made by Nic Askew). You can see it here.

He says that for 15 years of school, you are required to not be curious.  That’s not the case in our school…

This cartoon shows a reflection written by Rachel, in 5D.

Here is a collection student wonderings gathered from teachers in K-6 recently...

‘Can ants swim?’ (kinder)

‘If you are touching someone, and you can’t see them, how do you know who they are?’ (prep)

‘Why can’t wealthy governments join together and stop child labour, barely livable conditions and unfair rules?’ (year 5)

‘How can religion affect a country’s system of governance ?’ (year 6)

‘What makes the wind blow to move things? (prep)

‘Why cant people use happiness as a weapon for good?’ (year 1)

‘What would happen to the water cycle if the sun went out?’ (year 4)

‘What causes Africa to be poor and Australia wealthy?’ (year 5)

‘Why can’t you speak under water?’ (prep)

‘If we plant the seed it will grow into a peanut tree. If we water it, it will grow normal peanuts but if you water it with swimming pool water will it grow salty nuts?’ (kinder)

‘I wonder if God prays back to us’ (year 2)

As PYP teachers (or any teachers!) we want our students to be thinkers and inquirers. We strive to encourage authentic inquiry learning.  We encourage our students to be intellectually curious.  Are we?

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