A community of learners… worldwide!

How often can you participate in personal professional development together with interesting and inspiring teachers from all over the world?

This morning’s online TeachMeet session was an opportunity to do just that!  The energy and excitement was contagious before the event even started.  At 6am Melbourne time, the session kicked off on Justin.tv.  Educators in different places presented examples of how they use technology in their classrooms.  At the same time, conversation and discussion was happening in twitter about what we were seeing.  What an incredible network of people sharing, encouraging and learning from one another!

You can find the link to the presentations on the edtechroundup wiki.

Apart from the actual content of the presentations, here are some of the things I got out of it:

  • putting a voice to  people whose blogs I read and whom I follow on twitter
  • a sense of community, of being part of a huge group of different, yet like-minded people.
  • inspiration to continue to push the boundaries and try new things in my classroom.
  • motivation to encourage others at my school to move forward.
  • courage to stand up to the ‘blockers’.
  • knowledge that there is support out there, for anything I might want to try.
  • understanding what a PLN can really mean!!

9 thoughts on “A community of learners… worldwide!

  1. I have to say that I got exactly the same out of the event as you pointed out in your post. The event was a great success and it brought together so many people in our PLN. All the presentations were fantastic and best of all you can still view them if you didn’t manage to drop into the event. Long may such events continue and inspire others to try the ideas out in their own classrooms.


  2. I’m looking for a post to share with the teachers at my school and I think this might be it. I am still very unsure of how to approach teachers declaring the PLN as the way forward. They are all so busy and one hates to encroach on precious time. But building a PLN – blogs, twitter, bookmarks, photos, networks of choice – is so rewarding. It simply makes my job so much better.

    Thank you for attending TMETRU09.


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