Who is rich?

‘Who is rich? He who appreciates what he has. (Pirkei Avot)

I must be a millionaire. I appreciate my wonderful family and friends, the fact that there will always be books to read, the opportunities I have, the work I do. I love being a teacher and a learner,  meeting new educational challenges, thinking about and debating educational ideas. My son Adrian says he hopes when he’s my age (50+) he still enjoys going to work every day the way I do 🙂

That must be why, on the first day of the summer break, sitting down to check emails and book holiday flights, I found myself sucked into a discussion with educators from around the world on Twitter in #edchat, explained by Shelly Terrel here. The topic was ‘How should formative and summative assessment be used in the classroom?’ The discussion was engaging, the pace was fast, the ideas thought-provoking, the debate stimulating…

OK, I’m going back to being on holiday right now!  But looking forward to more of these conversations next year…

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