A day in Delhi with Rajendran…

I blogged a while ago about the virtual visitor from India.  We had met through ToonDoo and Raj agreed to interact with our students through skype, as part of their inquiry into life in India.

He is now real. I spent a day with Raj in Delhi last week and it was great fun!

The main purpose of our visit to India was to see our  son and daughter-in-law in Gujarat, so time didn’t permit a stopover in the south.  However, Raj made the trip from Chennai to Delhi for the day and we were able to consolidate our online friendship.

I loved the opportunity to chat face to face over chai, with someone of a different nationality, culture and religion and yet find plenty of common ground.  We share an interest in languages, religions, teaching and learning, reading, using technololgy to enhance education…

Walking through the market, Raj explained that the hawkers are illegal and he introduced the vegetables I had not been able to recognise.  At the Gallery of Modern Art, he told the mythological tales behind some of the paintings we saw.  He negotiated the rickshaw price in Hindi with the driver, although he suggested that hiding me from view would have got him a better deal!  Everywhere we went, he pointed things out, explained, told stories.  And everywhere he engaged people in conversation in his charming manner.

It’s wonderful to live in an age where such meetings are possible!

4 thoughts on “A day in Delhi with Rajendran…

  1. Hi Ed, I am so glad you had this time with Raj. How wonderful to connect so strongly across age, culture, countries and find the essential of what makes us all human!
    I am so looking forward to sharing more about your time and the perspectives you will bring to our learning.


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