‘I can’…

The PYP curriculum emphasises the development of 5 essential elements: knowledge, concepts,skills, attitudes and action.  Ideally, responsible, student-initiated action comes as a result of the learning process.  It may be an extension of students’ learning or it may have a wider social impact.  The PYP action model allows students the opportunity to choose to act, decide on their actions, and then reflect, in order to make a difference.

The action component of the PYP can involve service in the widest sense of the word: service to fellow students, and to the larger community, both in and outside the school. Through such service, students are able to grow both personally and socially, developing skills such as cooperation, problem solving, conflictresolution, and creative and critical thinking.  (Making the PYP Happen)

Kiran Bir Sethi of Riverside School in Ahmedabad, talks about being infected by the ‘I can‘ bug.  She says empowering children to take responsibility moves them from ‘Teacher told me’ to ‘I can. ‘   Watch this inspiring TED talk to see what student action can look like.

PYP Key Concept: Responsibility. Series of posts through the lens of key concepts of PYP.

7 thoughts on “‘I can’…

  1. The PYP curriculum looks great. I really like the essential elements. I know that I am always trying to find ways to encourge problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. I tried to work on those skills using problem-based learning activities in my classroom last year.


  2. This is a great video isn’t it! I have sent it to our Grade 5 teachers as they are getting ready for the PYP Exhibition as I think it will be a useful resource for them. This year we have just started a student council at school and we are definitely seeing a lot more student initiated action as a result.


  3. I like that the emphasis is on student growth and development of skills. This is not often emphasized enough. Having a servant’s heart should not be restricted but encouraged in school.


  4. As with all the video postings on your blog I found this inspiring. I feel the contageous “infection” heading my way!


  5. Nice graphic describing the action cycle. I am definitely a visual learner…didn’t fully “get” it until seeing your image 🙂 This has become one of my favorite TED talks (there are so many great ones!)


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