Believe in me…

Back at school for the start of the new school year.  Students start on Monday.  So much to do… I think I’ll procrastinate and write a blog post instead 🙂

What kind of students will I be teaching?  I’ve had a ‘handover’ from last year’s teachers, but I generally prefer to give every child the opportunity for a fresh start, and not form any opinions till I get to know them.  There is (of course) a direct correlation between the teacher’s perception of a child and the way the child learns, acts and achieves.  If she knows the teacher believes in her, she will usually live up to expectations. This seems like a great video for the start of the new school year here in Australia…

The clip reminds me of the beautiful Hindi film Taare Zameen Par, (called Every Child is Special in English), which I recently watched.  It was a gift from a friend who appreciates the uniqueness of every child and places a high value on teachers, teaching and learning.  The movie is about a dyslexic boy and the teacher who believed in him,  but also about perceptions, issues in education, competitivesness, teacher/student relationships and parental expectations.  Every teacher should see it!

PYP Key Concept: Connection. Series of posts through the lens of key concepts of PYP.

11 thoughts on “Believe in me…

    1. He became depressed because of the unreal expectations placed on him by those who didn’t understand his learning disability. See if you can download the whole movie… you’ll love it.


  1. I love the videos – thanks for posting them. I had tears in my eyes watching the first one. I absolutely agree with you about a new school year being an opportunity for students to make a fresh start. When we believe in students they become extraordinary. Good luck with your new school year.


  2. i love watching this clip…seen it a few times and i see it differently each time…it’s a reminder of why we do what we do 🙂


  3. HI Ed,
    I have been helping a family member write up a CV for entry into the teaching profession and have told her about inquiry , belief , education for the world. She is not from a PYP school. I will be sending her your blog as this is where she will see what teaching is really about beyond curriculum . Layla


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