A personal learning reflection…

We’ve come a long way from…

… to this…

For me, the journey started when I read an extract from ‘Navigating through the Storm, Education in Postmodern Democratic Society’ by Ron Aviram, head of The Center for Futurism in Education, in Israel.

Then I attended an IBO conference.  It wasn’t so much the content, but the opportunity to network with educators from around the world and see the things that teachers have done in their classrooms and schools, that motivated me.

I started looking online for web 2.0 tools and began to discover some of the inspirational education blogs out there.  Soon I had subscribed to quite a number and was reading regularly online about educational issues and how others were integrating technology into their classrooms

The next step was to start implementing tech myself.  I introduced my class to ToonDoo and Voicethread and Wallwisher to enhance their learning. We learned together.  As I discovered new and useful tools, I shared them with my class and with other interested teachers at school.  I set up a class wiki and before long every child had their own page and they were finding ways to share their learning through this medium.

Next we started a voluntary tech group for interested teachers to experiment together every fortnight before school. Our ‘Thinking group‘ which meets on the alternate week had been sharing readings and implementing Visible Thinking and soon the 2 groups began to merge as a 21st century learning group.  Discussions centered on making learning relevant and authentic, including incorporating technology. This is my in-school PLN.

I joined nings, such as Classroom 2.0 and Educators PLN and PYP Threads and began to participate.  The next step was  when a friend encouraged me to start writing my own blog. At first I didn’t think I had anything to say. Then I didn’t think I would have any readers. But I pushed forward and was soon addicted.  I had more things to write than time to write them.  I didn’t care if I had an audience or not, the process was part of my own learning.  My early readers were my colleagues at my own school and I saw them as my target audience.

And then, by far the best thing happened.. . I had dabbled in Twitter but not yet seen the point. But,once I figured out the benefits of following educators and discovered the #edchat hashtag, I was on the road to the best learning yet!  I have developed an amazing worldwide PLN. I think I have discovered and uncovered more through Twitter than any other way.  Interacting with educators worldwide and sharing resources in this way has been my most powerful learning experience this year.

And finally (only so far!)  I have joined Kelly Tenkely’s blogging alliance. I have discovered some excellent blogs this way and connected with other educators through commenting on each others’ blogposts.  This has turned out to be another great way to network and has opened yet another channel for learning and collaboration.

What next? 🙂

PYP Key Concept: Reflection. Series of posts through the lens of  key concepts of PYP.

Posts relating to other key concepts:  FormChangeConnectionPerspectiveResponsibility, Function.

6 thoughts on “A personal learning reflection…

  1. I agree with your feelings about twitter and the blogging alliance. I have learned so much from both of these things as well as gotten so many great ideas. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


  2. It is neat to read through other teachers technology journey. It gives me some insight into what grabs teachers and causes them to want to jump in with both feet. I am so glad that you have taken the step into blogging and the step into the blogging alliance. Your “nothing to say” has turned into something!


  3. I really do think that learning about and using ICT in learning deserves the ‘journey’ metaphor Ed. Each of us is still on our journey and every so often we reach ‘viewpoints’ which reveal new horizons and fresh pathways we can choose to take. Some started their journey earlier, some later; some haven’t yet gone far whilst others are widely travelled. Occasionally our paths cross, like right now and we exchange a few words, learning a little from each other in so doing. Sometimes we all decide to head to the same place and tarry a while, like those who were at BETT or Educon recently.

    It’s become almost trite now to use the expression ‘It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey’ . . . but it truly is, and all those wonderful chance encounters, the new friends you make along the way and most of all about what you learn.

    (Thanks for the pointer to the blogging alliance BTW)


    1. Ian, I like how you extended the ‘learning as a journey’ metaphor to include the crossing of paths and exchanging a few words. Your comment could be a post in itself!!


  4. Wow am i glad i couldn’t sleep and decided to visit whatedsaid ed. What you posted above eases some of my trepidations. In addition, my venturing into class wikis and wallwisher last year showed me just how easy using unfamiliar technology can be. I got very excited and am determined to learn more ways to use technology – in Scopus staff and students, i have many ‘experts’ who will patiently and willingly teach me what i need to know to get started. I admire the extent to which you have travelled on your journey thus far.


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