What might inquiry look like in a language class?

What might inquiry look like in a language class?

The kids went out in pairs with cameras to take photos of trees.  Next they uploaded their photos to the shared-drive so that everyone could share.  My intention was to create a voicethread using the photos, but there were technical issues on the day, so at the last minute, I simply asked them to use the photos in a power-point presentation and insert audio to record what they wanted to say in Hebrew.  Lots of skills were evident: finding appropriate vocabulary, speaking and listening; many kids wrote what they wanted to say first, so reading and writing too; collaboration, creativity, thinking, communication, cooperation, not to mention various tech skills.  It was very engaging and I could sit on the sidelines and let the learning happen.

After combining them into one presentation, I had hoped to upload it into voicethread, to allow for comments,  but then I discovered that the audio wasn’t supported.   A quick search on the classroom 2.0 ning introduced me to Slide Boom, and here we are!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

5 thoughts on “What might inquiry look like in a language class?

  1. Tov me od!!!!!!!!!!! Is there a word for smelly be ivrit? Edna it was fantastic. I am extra happy to see that my favorite tree in the whole school was used often, including the photo being taken under it. Clever use of added pictures, like the colourful leaves (explained in hebrew) and of course the falling apple…even the bin. The children obviously had fun. Please tell them I loved it.




    1. There IS a word for smelly.. but they refused to incorporate it. They were very happy with the way smelly sounded mixed in with Hebrew! Next time we should create a story, rather than each pair just doing their own thing, perhaps.


  2. This is an excellent inquiry based lesson for learning Hebrew! I need to take your class, I took a basic Hebrew class in high school but remember very little of it. Nicely done kiddos!


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