The power of blogging…

Here is my reaction to the responses I received to yesterday’s post on how my beliefs as a teacher and learner have changed…

I had no idea that the response would be so overwhelming.  I had no idea that what I expressed would resonate with so many educators.  I had no idea that I had reached or could reach so many people.  I was thrilled by the fact that some of the educators I most admire tweeted about the post.

It made me even more grateful to the friend who encouraged me to blog in the first place.  It triggered recollections of my early posts, when I tentatively stepped into the world of blogging, with first one reader, then 3, then 5.  Of trying to find my voice, before I realised I didn’t need to do that and could simply write whatever I was thinking in the same way as I would say it!

But above all, it made me see the power of blogging and tweeting and the resulting conversation with educators around the world.  It made me appreciate the value of a dynamic, growing, inspiring and supportive online PLN.  It made me realise that I am part of a huge community of learners, who wrestle with the same issues as I do and strive towards the same goals.

2 thoughts on “The power of blogging…

  1. Blogging is powerful for what it allows us to learn from others and about ourselves. I greatly appreciate what you add to the conversation! Keep adding . . .


  2. It is a powerful moment when the size of it all hits you. We aren’t isolated voices in the wind. We are heard and supported, and learning together. What a wonderful truth that is! I wish all educators would take hold of it, we would change the world in no time 🙂


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