A passion for learning…

Today’s #edchat on Twitter was about passion in education. It was a warm-up for a webinar which took place immediately afterwards, with Sir Ken Robinson.  The conversation was fast and furious, challenging and stimulating, and I was struck again by how incredible it is to have such a passionate PLN of educators around the world.  Here’s my take on it…


More about what #edchat is and how to participate here.


2 thoughts on “A passion for learning…

  1. Wasn’t that fun? I love that we can talk with educators around the world who have a shared passion and then join together to listen to another speaking about passion. Excellent visualization of what took place last night!


  2. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed the passion that was demonstrated on both the #edchat on Twitter and the webinar on Elluminate. I’m glad I’ve connected to you and look forward to sharing with you. You already have set me off exploring Toon. I just love how you use the tool to make such great statements.


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