3 Reasons to be a teacher!

I got this image from Aron Eyler’s excellent blog  Synthesizing Education.  I agree… it’s not cute.  The sad thing is that I’m sure there are still teachers who think it is. (In Aus, it would have to be only 2 reasons: December and January!)

But let’s play! What ARE 3 reasons to be a teacher?  I’ll go first:

  1. After 30 years in my profession, I still love going to work every day because it’s challenging, rewarding and stimulating. How many people can say that at my age?
  2. Being a teacher is really varied… in one day you might need to be a psychologist, paramedic, tech support, actor, mediator, manager, personal assistant, social worker…
  3. Being a teacher means you assist students to find their passion and achieve their potential. You help create the future.

What are your 3 reasons?


23 thoughts on “3 Reasons to be a teacher!

  1. I tried many different jobs before becoming a teacher (24 different ones!) but this is the one I have stuck at for 28 years because it is the only one that has been absolutely different every single day.

    Previous jobs involved working with adults – teaching involves working with students. I have taught all ages from 3 – 18 and I love them all. However in this job I like working with the adults too – I have been blessed to work closely with the most incredible teachers who have willingly shared what they know and have supported me during difficult periods.

    Becoming an international teacher has added an extra dimension to my life – working in different places and with different groups of people has made me a better person as well as a better teacher.


  2. Wow. What an amazing way to be inspired!

    I love how you took something that is cliché and has a somewhat negative connotation and turned it into something so positive.

    Teachers are sharing similar stories on this Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SmartEdServices

    We recently discussed, “What can you teach your students today that they can’t learn from Google?” I would love your opinions!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. 1. I get to see kids light up with pride and enthusiasm at their progress and learning every day.
    2. I get to be creative, silly, enthusiastic about geeky stuff, read, talk, get hugs and high fives, exercise and do crafts, all while getting paid and gaining respect and thanks from kids and their parents.
    3. I get to learn new things every day.


  4. 1. Childhood recovery (aka, curiosity, play and discovery)
    2. Creativity
    3. Constant reshaping of my mind

    If I were to color teaching – it would be green. Fresh, renewing, growing.
    If I were to shape it- it would be a spiral. Up , up and away!
    If I were to illustrate it – it would be a smile. A curve that changes everything.
    And if I were to talk about it…well, I would need a novel.
    Thanks for the challenge!


  5. I like the problem solving aspect of teaching kids. Each one might require a slightly different angle. It keeps my brain young.

    I love seeing the lightbulb go off when they have a good idea.

    One day is NEVER the same as the one before..and wont be the same as the one that follows.


  6. 1. I was FAILED at school! I lacked that special someone to make learning fun. I want to make sure that I get to those children before they pass by! I want to be someone’s magic weaver!

    2. For those moments that just makes your heart melt! We’ve all had them!

    3. As a school leader, I can now have a bigger impact on more children and I LOVE that about my job!


  7. To me, the three most important reasons I am an aspiring teacher are:
    a – technology has changed education almost unrecognizably, and as a person passionate about technology, I want to be in the thick of things.
    b – part of being a good parent, is being a good teacher for your son too.
    c – I am soon going to be on the wrong side of forty, and if there is one thing that keeps a man young at heart, it is the constant lovable stress of having to answer the deluge of questions from the young and inquisitive minds of your students…


  8. Sad, but true…I think there are many who would list these as their three reasons.

    1. Passion for students
    2. Passion for learning
    3. Passion for creativity

    Teaching lets me reach all 3!


  9. I came to teaching late in life, and have had several different jobs beforehand. None of them have been as challenging (and sometimes exhausting :-)) as teaching, but neither have they been as rewarding. Only 3 reasons huh?

    1. You’re never bored! Each day brings something new and is never the same as the one before.
    2. Every day there is something /someone that makes me smile or laugh.
    3. it keeps me challenged, enthused and working with these wonderful young people makes me happy!


  10. 1. The kids. Now that I’m not teaching (mat leave) I really miss them! Just their energy and asking how they are, or what they think of something, that’s pretty cool.

    2. Get to try out new stuff all the time which throws up it’s own challenges and encourages creative solutions

    3. Kids. Oh, did I mention them already? Well, even after a really long week, when you’ve done hours upon hours of work at home, spent Sat afternoon watching brain dead TV and feeling guilty about it cause you really should be planning something for the coming week, cursing that you are exhausted beyond belief, and cursing report writing and the system in general there will be a kid who says thanks, or runs up to you excitedly to tell you what they’re having for lunch (you must be important to them if they do that! :-), or just a smile, and you think ‘yep, well, I’d do it all again just for that.’ That’s why I’m a teacher.

    Jess Mc.


  11. 1. I never have to wonder whether my life has meaning. Teaching is meaningful.
    2. Students never stop surprising me. Humans are fascinating – little humans particularly so.
    3. There is nothing like the moment when the light-bulb turns on.


  12. 1. I get to share my creativity every day.
    2. Challenging young people to express themselves…it always amazes me the many different ways they all look at the world.
    3.At the age of 28 i can still be the naughtiest kid in the classroom 🙂


  13. I taught elementary PE for 24 years before taking a technology resource teacher, and even then I had a passion for students and learning. Now my number three reason would be my love of daily learning. Not a day goes by that I don’t get excited about learning something new (thanks PLN) or figuring something out. My grown son comes by often and finds me on the computer talking out loud saying “Oh My Gosh, look at this”, and truly he patronizes me but he doesn’t see the point in many things I show him.
    My students amaze me.
    My PLN dazzles me.
    My job keeps me grounded.


  14. What an amazing collection of comments, I really can’t think of a single reason that has not been mentioned by someone else. Isn’t it fabulous that so many teachers are so positive and so creative in their ideas on the joy of teaching. These should be obligatory reading for student teachers


  15. 1 – I tray to make diference in the world, as a teacher I think that I can do it.
    2 – I belive that education is the most important thing that someone can have in your life.
    3 – Education can change the social state of a children, this can improve the world. A good teacher improve the world.

    Anderson from Brasil


  16. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I was a classroom teacher then left to form my own company in order to reach more children. I agree there is no other profession that is so rewarding yet challenging.


  17. hi,am a teacher l love teaching and l feei m getting younger and younger.Wisdom grows as you get order.m 56yrs but l feel motivated when l enter the classroom.Teaching is a life long profession.


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