Looking back…

Past the 100 mark …  it seems like a good time to look back and reflect. You know those TV celebration shows where they rehash excerpts from old episodes that you’ve seen before, pulled together with a vague connecting thread? This is it! If you’ve been with me since the start, you’ll have read these posts already. If you haven’t, just in case anyone’s interested, I’m including links to some of my key posts along the way. Evene if no-one clicks on the links to the old posts… I write this blog as much for myself as for anyone else 🙂

This is how I moved from here…


to here…

blogging 2

In October last year, I decided to have a go at blogging. My intended audience at that time was the teachers at my own school and the purpose was to jog complacency and get people thinking about different possibilities in teaching and learning.

At first I thought I would blog about flattening classroom walls, taking learning outside the classroom and called my first post Disturbing the Calm. I have continued to push the idea in my school and you can read about a few successes in Visitor from India and Past, Present and Future of education.  I even bravely blogged once asking educators to Come to class via Skype,  thinking I would try and create a database of experts willing to engage with classes on Skype, but soon realised that others were already doing that far more successfully than I could with my limited reach!

I gradually began to blog about whatever was on  my mind… Sometimes my posts are personal reflections on teaching and learning, like I used to think, Now I think.  Sometimes they are about learning from my own classroom and sometimes about exciting learning in my school. I like to blog about my great in-school PLN,and my world-wide online PLN. Along the way, I stopped writing for the original audience (not sure how many of them were reading anyway!) and found to my surprise, that I had attracted readers worldwide.  One of my favourite posts is a slideshow containing thoughts gathered from educators around the globe on  What does learning look like?

More than once I reflected on the blogging process itself, moving from my early Reflections of a new blogger to my later understanding of The Power of blogging. And now here I am, past my 100th post, really glad that I had the courage to Put my toe in the water (another favourite of mine) and start blogging in the first place!


4 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. Edna, What Ed Said is a delight to read. Change is a BIG part of living. To not change is impossible if one is alive. The sharing of thoughts and ideas that is taking place in our world today is truely amazing especially in education. The world of education is reading YOU. Keep on blogging and we will keep on reading. Your #1 Fan in San Antonio Texas USA.


    1. Thank you!! I don’t quite know how I got to this point. I find blogging so worthwhile for myself… What a bonus that others find value in my blog too.

      Thanks again for the encouragement


  2. Could not let the post 100th blog go by without comment. I have been caught up in your “blog slipsteam” Ed. I have been able to revisit and review my own learning – as a non digitial native, I have needed much support . (given by blogs 1-100)
    Your blog has been instrumental in framing by own beliefs and giving them a much broader context . I have loved the blogs your blog has led me to and now use many of these as reference when I am pondering an educational issue or working with my teams.
    I look forward to new postings and also to revisiting old ones and reading comments from others. Its Sunday morning and here I am, while everyone else in my home is fast asleep.
    I look forward to the learning I will do between blog 100 and blog 200.
    Thanks Ed.


  3. Thank you for the retrospective. I have only started following you more recently so I used this as an opportunity to go back and see some of your “key posts.” What a treat that blogging is such a win-win for you and your followers.


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