Give of yourself…

If you haven’t read Linchpin by Seth Godin, I highly recommend it! He talks about giving gifts…

‘When done properly, gifts work like nothing else. A gift gladly accepted changes everything. The imbalance creates motion, motion that pushes us to a new equilibrium, motion that creates connection.’

I asked my class what they see as the best gifts that teachers can give their students…



10 thoughts on “Give of yourself…

  1. I think this really says something, not just about the thoughtfulness and reflection of the students, but about the teaching they have observed and appreciated. Kudos to you and your students.

    And great toon!


  2. Have to say I struggled a bit with Linchpin Edna, but then I am ‘a bear of very little brain.’. The references to gifting though really resonated when I thought what a phenomenal amount of ‘gifting’ takes place daily, on Twitter alone. How many people give links to amazing resources, inspire others with their wonderful ideas and willingly reply to shoutouts from fellow tweeters. Maybe there’s a linchpin lurking in the members of the edtech Twitter community?


  3. I can’t agree more Ian. When I think of the amount of selfless sharing and helping that goes on via Twitter, between people who are all over the globe I am just in awe. How wonderful that we have such a resource.


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