Collaborative problem solving…

Sometimes the students’ reflections are the most interesting part of a learning experience…

We used Solvr last week. It’s a collaborative problem solving tool for raising issues and coming up with possible solutions. Here’s an example of one which my team created last year to discuss  potential issues in using Solvr. (Feel free to add to it, to see how Solvr works.)

Using it in class was fun, the kids were engaged and everyone participated in the discussion, even the ones who usually have less to say in class conversation.

Solvr-ing problems
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I often ask my students to jot down their thoughts in the last couple of minutes of a lesson, in the form of feedback for me or a reflection for themselves.

Here’s what they thought of the Solvr learning experience:

  • I liked that you could see everyone’s learning and connect it with your own. (Dean)
  • It’s nice to hear other people’s opinions about what you have written (Allegra)
  • I liked doing it this way because it’s unique and no-one else does it (!)
  • You could easily see everyone’s ideas, problems and solutions (Jazi)
  • I liked that you can see the problems and try solve them (Simon)
  • I liked that we got lots of ideas down (Jade)
  • I prefer speaking in class discussions, it’s easier to contribute. (Matthew)
  • It’s an easy way keep track of what’s been said (Zac)
  • I liked that we could all talk at once (Gabriel)
  • I didn’t like that it moved so fast. I had trouble finding questions to answers.
  • You can just say what you think and not put up your hand or wait your turn (Amy)
  • It’s nice to try something new (Tahni)

That probably gives you enough reasons to try using this tool…   I have nothing to add!


3 thoughts on “Collaborative problem solving…

  1. I really like that this is a real time way for students to discuss learning. It seems like a good way for students to reflect and would be especially welcome by those students who may be too shy to share their feelings in a spoken discussion.


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