Blogs that made me think this week…

I’m humbly amazed at the transition from being a blogger with 5 readers, to blogging for my colleagues, to having a worldwide readership.  I often wonder at how this happened! I was thrilled this week by a tweet from @davidwees, whose blog I admire, saying that he finds himself wanting to read every post on my blog! Even more so when that was retweeted by several others. Thank you! Especially when I know there so many educational blogs worth reading.

I’d like to share some other blogs that made me think this week…

Life happens by @MrMacnology

I like the honesty of Jeremy’s post and it resonates for me, as I’m a bit of an addict myself, I confess. It’s too easy to get sucked into Twitter and blogs and interacting with one’s PLN online… and completely lose track of time. Not having an iphone helps me ensure that I retain some balance!

How d’you get your kids to do that? by @mattguthrie

I love Matt’s approach. His belief in his students helps them take responsibility for their learning and achieve all sorts of things that simply would not be possible in the class of his colleague, who calls her class ‘retarded’  (no comment).  I blogged a while ago about this. If you haven’t seen the video ‘Believe in me‘, it’s worth a look.

Change and Strength by @rushtheiceberg

Davis reflects on different roles in education reform. He sees his strength as interacting with the students  in his classroom and this is the place he plans to innovate and contribute.  This post made me think about the power of change from within, change that can be effected one step at a time by individual innovative educators.

learning network

Another blogger warned me when I started blogging not to make promises in case I dont keep them, so I won’t say this will become a series… but it might 😉


4 thoughts on “Blogs that made me think this week…

  1. I read you everyday. I particularly like your toondoo’s and I am reposting them with attached comments. I publish a tech news letter for my district and I publish many of your thoughts and comments there. I have many of your same thoughts but I am unable to articulate them clearly like you do. Thank you for speaking up for us. You make me think about what I am doing in the classroom and what I want do to in the classroom. Keep up the good blogging.


  2. Edna has been encouraging me to start my own blog for quite a while, but with such great blogs already out there to read, I’m not sure I yet want to jump into the productive side. Ed, as Marilyn says in her reply above – you express yourself thoughts much better than I can, and are always thought-provoking. I haven’t been following all the blogs you’ve listed, so now I have some more to add to my reader. And… some great new people to follow in Twitter!


  3. Your blog has grown because it has such voice, honesty, and opportunities for learning and reflection. I love when your new posts pop up in my reader, it feels like a present waiting for me!


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