Learning at its best…

I am utterly inspired my Monika Hardy’s Innovation Lab. Learn more about it here and here.

These students are following their passions and learning independently through global connections. This is kids really taking control of their learning and my attempts in the classroom seem to pale into insignificance…

Sam wants to learn Hebrew. He knows the alphabet, is working on the grammar and needed someone to help with pronunciation. A chance tweet from Monika was picked up by someone who follows my blog and knows I’m a Hebrew teacher. And here we are today…

Dean, Matthew and Jay in Melbourne, Australia, learners of Hebrew as a second language at a Jewish school, are sharing their knowledge with Sam in Colorado, a Christian who would like to be able to read the bible in its original language.

After the first session…

Sam: I liked it. I really liked it.

Matthew: I think it’s fantastic that we are getting the opportunity to teach, so others maybe can benefit from what we’ve learned ourselves.

Jay: It was great in the sense that we can share our learning all over the world and it’s not limited just to the classroom!

Monika: The boys literally looked like they were trying to peak into a window.

Ed: I have used the title of this post before and I’ve no doubt I’ll use it again and again. The boundary is shifting.

8 thoughts on “Learning at its best…

  1. So very neat that these connections are being made. I can only imagine how learning will expand as a result of connections just like this one. When incredible teachers and learners collide, there is no stopping the force of learning that is created. Keep the connections going!


  2. what a delight Edna. truly.
    everybody seems to be winning here.. as it should be. no?

    i can tell you – personally – the serendipitous energy from you has sweetened the venture completely. i have much to learn from you dear.


  3. A great example of how connections do facilitate independent learning!

    Thanks, Edna, for sharing this episode from Monika’s Innovation Lab – I’ve joined her group page on FB to see more that’re going to happen :))


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