10 ways to get your reports written…


While you’re at the computer writing your reports, do you have a few distractions happening on the side?

1. Keep Twitter open.

Check periodically to see what’s new. Click on promising links. Interact with interesting people.

2. Check your email.

Respond to the important ones. Deal with some old ones you’ve been ignoring that are now urgent.

3. Organize your reader.

Subscribe to some new blogs. Cull some old ones. Read some posts you haven’t had time to while you were writing reports.

4. Write a to do list.

You’ll have a lot to do after these reports are done. You’d better get organized in advance.

5.  Update your facebook status.

See what everyone else is up to. Upload some photos. Comment on other people’s.

6. See what’s new on TED.

Listen to the latest TED talks. Catch up on some you missed while you were writing reports.

7. Go to Google Talk.

See who’s online. Engage in a short chat or two. Catch up with an old friend.

8. Sign into Skype

Some of your relatives might be online. Make a quick call to see what’s happening on the other side of the world.

9.  Try new tools.

Explore some tools you’ve been meaning to. Add to your repertoire. You’ll need them after reports are done.

10. Write a blog post.

Call it ’10 ways to get your reports written… not!’

14 thoughts on “10 ways to get your reports written…

  1. I love it!! I know that once I have twitter on in the background the job will take twice as long!! However, does it indicate that the job in hand is not as rivetting as it might be?!


  2. Hi Ed,
    This is so funny! I think I am currently engaged in 9 out of 10 of your suggestions for `10 ways to get your reports done’. Talk about easily distracted! Thanks for the reminder to FOCUS! Now ….what was I doing??


  3. Brilliant!

    Really should be thinking of some wise words for some students tomorrow on why we should reflect on our learning and am guilty of 2,3,4 9 and 10.

    However to be fair to myself – am pretty much up to date, the blog posts, including your own have been brilliant and relevant to my work.

    …and it is Sunday.


  4. Hi,

    You have certainly hit the nail on the head! I can see exactly why I had visions of tackling my reports this weekend and have actually completed nothing.

    Well, not nothing, I have cleared my Twitter favourites, watched a couple of great teaching videos, written some comments on others blogs, shared resources on Twitter, checked out some new baby photos on facebook, made a couple of skype calls, embedded a new tool on my blog, added some new RSS feeds and cleared my inbox.

    The only thing I didn’t get to do was write a new blog post. But there is always tomorrow for that! And I already have visions of tackling my reports again next weekend!

    Thanks for making me realise how much I really did accomplish this weekend! And making me smile.



  5. What distracts me is knowing that so many post-mod teaching professionals preoccupy themselves with superficial pursuits which either assuage their egos or fulfill their excessive need to belong to a single minded collective.


  6. Hi,

    My name is Katlyn and I am in EDM 310 with Dr. Strange, at the Univesity of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post. It is so true. I have been sitting here trying to get my homework done for about an hour now. I have been on facebook and checking e-mail. The interent can be so beneficial and also so distracting. Even when I am trying to do other things that do not invlove the internet. If facebook were a class I would be an overachiever. Thank you for the great post!



  7. LOL – good post Edna! I am guilty of quite a few of these when trying to finish my reports yesterday. Unfortunately I turned a half day job into a full day job but I’m almost done!

    When it comes to using my computer, I’m used to multi-tasking. Focussing on just one task for hours at a time just doesn’t come naturally anymore!

    Makes you think – kids must struggle when given one task to focus on for an hour or more at school, quite unnatural!


  8. That’s a great post. I used to use Freedom (Mac) to alleviate the online distractions, however my school just went web-based for their reports, so now I have to be extra-disciplined. Not always very successful at it.


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