Connecting through music…

The kids in Australia and the kids in India have a shared appreciation of music. They have played and sung to each other a few times and discussed their liking for Shakira

Further reflections:

Eli in Australia:

I am really enjoying talking to the students at Shiragon high school over skype. I think its really fun that we get to talk to kids in a whole different country. I was amazed at how well they spoke English. I like to ask and answer questions and love sharing our cultures and beliefs. I love sharing common interests  and sharing music as well. My favourite thing is that I am doing something new and exciting to me.

Attar, computer teacher at Shiragon (he became the computer whiz at school thanks to Sugata Mitra’s Hole in the Wall and the interest he showed in it that Sugata reinforced.):

Its a wonderful, incomparable world. At one click the new generation is doing away with the barriers between nations with the help of new technology. Older people have more limited attitudes, that youngsters don’t even have an idea of [the barriers]. Best wishes to Mitra Sir that the SOLEs are coming into play through his vision.


11 thoughts on “Connecting through music…

  1. This is great…. I was thinking about the burden of limits that adults try to pass on to children…. Lots of current models(crowd sourcing, wikipedia, even facebook) in the world that could be used in education not just as resources but as ways to organize learning environments and curriculum, but some teachers are not open to being flexible and be willing to try new things…. It is great that you share this type of work!



  2. This is such a wonderful experience. I’m really enjoying reading about all the different aspects of it. Although completely different, someone has asked about using Skpe for children who are unable to attend school.


  3. Hey! I am Sterling and I am currently in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I was told to comment on your blog. I really enjoyed watching this video. I think that it is great how students all over the world can connect with one another. I think that it can give students new ideas and help them to relate to students all over the world. I think it also shows them that children all over the world can be just like them and have the same interests. Great blog post, I really enjoyed it!


  4. That is awesome. I keep telling my kids we need to talk to you all in Australia, but they remind me that you all live in the future (well, 17 hours ahead at least). I’m glad to see your kids having such a great time with this.

    Have you heard of Rock our World?
    Take a look. You may be interested.


  5. Music is a great universal language. One year we helped a man from Sudan come to the US to study. He had never been outside of the Blue Nile Region. Everything was amazing and new to him. From picking up fast food to flipping on a switch to start a fire (in the gas fireplace) everything was a completely new experience. He spent Christmas with my family and we gave him a personal CD player. My little brother made him a mixed CD of songs to listen to. He immediately started listening and exclaimed “Usher”. We were shocked when he could sing along 🙂


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