Understanding our geographical neighbours #2

Year 6 students are learning about our geographical neighbours. They have considered carefully what kinds of things they need to know in order to best gain an understanding of the countries around us, so as to help them develop a global perspective.

On Monday they Skyped with Raj, Kuppu and their Zoho University students in Chennai, India. Today small groups engaged via Skype with teacher Keri Lee Beasley in Singapore, Will Kirkwood and his students in Thailand and Jude Lasantha, an engaging young Field Officer at Adopt Sri Lanka, introduced by Clive in Sri Lanka!

This kind of learning is really powerful.  Here’s what some of the students said afterwards:

  • Learning directly from people who live there means we know it’s true and reliable – Natalie (We’ll have to discuss that one!)
  • It was amazing..I thought all Sri Lankans had a hard life and Jude’s life is so good.- Jordan
  • When you look it up on the internet, it could be written by anyone who hasn’t even lived in the place. – Tyler
  • We could find out how the actual citizens feel about a country. – Natalie
  • I thought life was harder for everyone in all developing countries. – Rosie
  • It ‘gets more into me’ when someone tells me, than if I was reading about it. – Tyler

Jude said ‘ I really love the way children are researching about their neghbouring countries. I love to speak with  them again. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with them. I hope that  your children got more from me. If you have any questions please ask me I will be ready  to answer them at any time.’  Thank Jude, the kids loved it… I’m sure we’ll be back.

It was summed up perfectly by Vytheeshwaran, a passionate. young teacher in India, in a comment he wrote on another post:

Today’s technology has enabled us to break physical barriers and connnect with our peers at a global level. Such connections will lead to a scenario of global collaboration and mutual understanding, which is the key for a brighter tomorrow. Keep up the conversation and you won’t believe how much is in store for you!

We have a Voicethread with students’ questions too, so if you are somewhere in the Asia Pacific and would like to help with the inquiry, let us know.


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