Thank you for teaching me…

I’ve written several posts about the interaction between a group of children at a rural school in India and a group of private school students in Australia. They shared their reflections in a post too.

It’s the end of the school year in Australia and I just received this thank you note from a girl who I didn’t actually teach… or so I thought.

Dear Morah (Teacher)

Thank you for introducing me to the Indian children. I know I didn’t actually have you as a teacher, but thank you for what you did for me. I appreciate it.



This kind of learning is really powerful, it seems…

4 thoughts on “Thank you for teaching me…

  1. This is indeed a powerful mode of teaching. I’m sure the Indian students too have a fair share of gratitude for enabling such interactions. I would personally like to thank you for involving me and giving me a chance to chip in with my little contribution.


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