Life can change in an instant…

It was an exhilarating day riding in a truck, visiting a monkey sanctuary, hiking to view picturesque waterfalls and experiencing the Ecuadorian countryside with a group of warm and welcoming Banos folk. The last stop should have been the highlight… a heart-pumping, uphill climb to a  viewing platform overlooking part of the magnificent Amazon Jungle. Relaxing in a hammock listening to the sounds of nature, the vista reminds me what a speck I am in the universe.

The younger members of the group have found a Tarzan style rope swing attached to a high tree. Carried away in the moment, they forget this isn’t bungy jumping or abseiling, where the adrenalin rush comes with a safety harness in a controlled environment. Mazz swings away and Alfonso, reaching out to grab her as she swings back in, steps too close to the edge and looses his footing. In a split second he is over the edge and rolling down. There are screams of horror from the group and time stops. Mazz swings out and back again, fearing that she has lost her friend for good. We could just as easily have lost her too.

Alfonso lifts his head. He is okay. She is okay. But life could have changed in that instant…

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