Dear students…


Dear Students

I’m one week into my new role as Teaching and Learning Coordinator and I already miss you more than I could have anticipated. No matter what I was busy working on last year, the highlight of the day was usually when I dropped what I was doing and came to the classroom.

I miss your sometimes surprising perspectives on things I had only seen from an adult point of view. I miss your creativity in expressing your learning, through drama or art or technology. I miss laughing with you as we’d watch the same funny movie you’d created, over and over again. I miss your incredible questions and wonderings, which often pushed my thinking to new places. I even miss reminding you to stick to our agreement and speak one at a time. More than anything, I miss your insightful responses  to my questions about what learning is and how learning works best. I miss being part of your learning community.

The decision not to teach at all wasn’t an easy one, but it was best for the first year in my new role. I love working with the teachers too and as the year unfolds, I know there will be many opportunities to learn with and from you, again.

When I was a 19 year old student teacher doing my practice teaching rounds, my supervisor put a note into my hand as he left the room, saying ‘You were born to teach.’ I haven’t thought about it in years…

Morah (Teacher)

7 thoughts on “Dear students…

  1. I can’t tell you how deeply this resonates with me! You were born to teach. My favorite part of this letter: “I miss being part of your learning community”. The hallmark of a great learner. I wish I could tell you that the longing for that will go away, I am a year in and it hasn’t for me. I take every opportunity I can to be in the classroom again!


  2. Hi Edna

    I had to get a tissue out! The past week has felt so long for me as I don’t start my library classes until this coming week. Yes, I was busy with lots to do in the library, BUT I knew something was missing…the students. I’m so looking forward to resuming my weekly contact with each student in the school and being part of their learning for another year.

    I’m sure you will find many ways to be in the classroom with the students – not only were you born to teach, you were born to learn!

    Kim 🙂


  3. Sometimes we pull ourselves away from that which we love because of ideas in our heads. It is challenging to find the right balance between feeling right and doing that which we think is right. I wish you luck with the process.


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