Leaders as learners…

The more I connect online with other educators through blogs and Twitter, the more I see how those who don’t are lagging behind in their learning. I was invited this week to share with my ‘leadership team’ (admin.)

We looked at what leaders get out of blogs…

We looked at what kids get out of blogs…

We had a quick overview of Twitter and educators worldwide shared what they get out of it.  The plan was to Skype with Patrick Larkin, a principal in Burlington, USA, but it didn’t happen because…

Feedback from my learners…

There is a world of people out there willing to share, learn together and support each other- You are not alone.

This provides the most wonderful, exciting opportunities to be a part of a learning community

I have spent time reading blogs – I came away feeling inspired, yet a little apprehensive  to write one.

Would love to explore twitter – it was a little bit too fast for me

We live in exciting times in terms of education.

I cant wait to begin exploring.



6 thoughts on “Leaders as learners…

  1. It’s great to see the same words being used by your pupils on the other side of the world Edna. We are indeed at the beginning of possibly the most exciting time in education ever! We are only now beginning to take this fantastic recourse which is the Internet and mould it into something really powerful that will change lives forever! I find it so encouraging and inspiring to see the work going on in Australia and especially your passion for what is just ‘right’ for you and your pupils!

    I know that this is just ‘Step 1’ of a process that you have thought long and hard over. I’ll be watching and reading!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Edna,

    Great diagrams! As you know I ♥ blogging and your pictures really sum up the benefits well.

    What a shame about your Skype session! I hope lots of your teachers have signed up for Twitter now!

    Leaders can really benefit from blogging and Twitter however, after spending the day reviewing the National Graduate Standards in ICT and I couldn’t help thinking how much tools like blogs and Twitter could be useful for new teachers! What a great tool to start networking and reflecting.

    Blogs and Twitter provide something for everyone – new teachers, experienced teachers, students and leaders! I know I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without them.



  3. Leaders are learners. If we are not constantly learning new things, we cease to be leaders.

    Can you recommend a tutorial to help me link my blogs (4) to my different Facebook accounts (2) How to distinguish one from another is the question…

    Thanks, Ellen


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