Leadership day…

We sat on the grass in silence and waited. A few kids saw us and sat down too. Eventually the others noticed and joined us in the circle. I drew a square on the large piece of paper in the middle. My colleagues Joc and Motti drew a roof and a door respectively. A pause… Tania was the first child to take the pen and add to the picture and then the kids each took a turn to draw something. The teachers had not yet said a word!

It was part of a leadership day for our primary school captains and the message of this particular activity was  that one can lead by example without actually telling anyone to do anything. When we discussed it afterwards, they got the point quickly, as I knew they would.

But what surprised me was the conversation during the time the teachers were silent…

Tania: ‘We’re supposed to add to the drawing’.

Others: ‘I want to draw the windows’.

‘I’m drawing a tree’.

‘Give me the pen.’

‘No, don’t push, we should be taking turns’.

‘Yes, they want to see if we will take turns’.

‘Let’s go round the circle and each draw one thing.’

‘Maybe it’s supposed to be the school.’

‘We have people in it, it’s a community.’

‘It represents a community of learners….’

I think I got more pleasure out of the spontaneous conversation than the planned discussion.


3 thoughts on “Leadership day…

  1. Edna,
    I really enjoyed reading this post! I think that this was an amazing activity for Leadership day with a very important message. I love that your students were able to work together and accomplish this activity without you having to say anything. Having leadership skills is a must in today’s society, and it is important to realize you can be a leader without saying anything. I would love to do this activity in a classroom one day! Thanks for the inspiration!


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