Someone who loves the learning…

My new role this year means I work closely with teachers. I participate in unit planning, facilitate learning sessions and have conversations about teaching and learning.

Some teachers are more receptive than others. Some debate and argue. Most engage with the learning and our collaboration is rich and rewarding.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I see my own excitement reflected in the eyes of the teacher I am working with. I feel the spark of a genuine connection with someone who is totally on the same wavelength as me.  Someone who values a culture of thinking the way I do and is part of the community of learners in their classroom. Someone who is able to let go of control and ensure students own their learning. Someone who loves the learning as much as I do.


12 thoughts on “Someone who loves the learning…

  1. I, too, relate to this blog entry.
    However, what I take home at the end of the day is that someone who doesn’t share the same joy of learning. Because that someone has a great impact on kids’ learning journey and enthusiasm…
    I am still trying to figure people out – especially those involved in the profession of teaching. Bumpy road and many downs as it concerns an attitude rather than skills. A mindset that is difficult to change.


    1. That’s the challenge, isn’t it? Finding a way to connect with those teachers too. I think you need to love learning yourself, if you want to be a teacher.


  2. This is great! Working as a team sharing experiences and concerns about the teaching and learning process is rewarding. Just keep it trying new ideas….


  3. Edna, Isn’t it exhilarating when you make a connection with a colleague? It give me the same feeling I get when a student says, “I got it!” Hats off to you for moving to a position of working with peers. Wishing you all the best at collaborating with fellow teachers.


  4. Yes…. true learning is so motivating. Seeing the spark of interest in the eyes of the person involved is so very satisfying.


  5. I love these moments too. I love them when they happen with my students and with my colleagues.
    Ed, maybe you should branch out and work with other teachers in your school – you may be pleasantly surprised.


  6. I know what you mean, Hailey.
    I love having the opportunity to work with different teachers across the campuses of my school! I posted this after working with a young teacher with whom I rarely get a chance to work. We’re excited about the possibilities of creating global connections to enrich her unit of inquiry.


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