A big idea…

We had a great learning session yesterday for our unit about coming of age in different cultures. We watched this beautiful video, created by Raj in India and his little pal Vignesh, about Upanayanam, the sacred thread ceremony in Hinduism. We Skyped with Raj simultaneously so that he could ‘watch us watch’ and answer our questions.

In the follow-up lesson today, we explored the big ideas. The students discussed in pairs and then shared their ideas with the class and justified why they had chosen the concepts they did. The lively discussion centred around the following big ideas: culture, religion, coming-of-age, responsibility, traditions, family, values, beliefs, ritual, change, maturity, celebration, symbolism, spirituality and learning. We’ll be looking at which of these are common across all coming-of-age commemorations!

Then one student said ‘social media’. Puzzled, I asked him to explain how he saw that as part of the Upanayanam ceremony. His response:

‘You asked what the big ideas were in yesterday’s session. We used Skype. Skype is an example of social media. Social media is a pretty big idea, don’t you think?’…!


2 thoughts on “A big idea…

  1. Social media is a form of coming of age in Australia (and, doubtless, elsewhere) these days.

    “Mum, can I go on Facebook?”
    “Not until you’re old enough!”


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