I’m building a cathedral…

Apparently this is a well-known fable, but I only discovered it recently…

Three men were working on a building site. When asked what they were doing, the first man answered ‘I am laying bricks.’ The second said ‘I am making a wall’ and the third replied ‘I am building a cathedral’

It’s about vision, isn’t it? It made me think of teachers. The ‘cathedral builders’ amongst us don’t talk about how little time we have to lay bricks and make walls. We know we’re building a cathedral…


7 thoughts on “I’m building a cathedral…

  1. It’s a good analogy. If only every builder were aiming for the same goal. And alas, that we don’t get to work on the cathedral until it is finished!

    I wish that the bricklayers and glaziers and tilers and carpenters all had the same idea in mind… and that the engineers and architects made it easier to build a grand, unforgettable steeple.


  2. Love this fable Edna. You don’t need great eyes to have vision your need great passion. We will see and hear loads of passion at rscon3. Happy to see you presenting. Have a fun filled family weekend.


  3. I am a great believer in accepting a challenge but I always do so knowing that others will come on board, especially in our profession when the results of our energies benefit students. Building and sustaining something good takes a community. Recently a group of us have been planning a study tour where we will learn from students and be in conversation with innovative leaders to investigate the key drivers that are responsible for whole system reform. The reform is one where students are leading technology integration because of their intrinsic motivation to support peers and teachers.
    When we decided to put effort into building something big, travel overseas and take a risk that we would come back inspired to take action I never thought that I would learn so much just from being one of the tradies shaping the bricks we all would lay. Thanks Ed for the fable and encouraging reflection.


  4. You have the best sense of timing. I introduced your to the whole teaching staff at the school I have just left . I tell by their comments, or lack thereof, the cathedral builders and the wall builders, and focus on bringing the big picture to the bricklayers and wall builders. I’ll do the same at the next school.


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