Are you in Africa?


I was born in South Africa, although I haven’t been back for more than 30 years. Blogging about teaching and learning, I find myself recalling my school days, enjoying the view of Table Mountain through the window, instead of paying attention in class. My first job as an enthusiastic, young teacher was in Cape Town, a lifetime ago. I sometimes wonder how my old school is progressing. I wonder what teaching and learning are like in South Africa today. And I wonder a great deal about access to education in all of Africa…

My global PLN (personal learning network) has expanded in the past year and I have established meaningful connections with educators in so many countries, on every continent, except for Africa. Yet, looking at the clustrmap which records visitors to my blog, I am aware that people not just in South Africa, but in Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia and Egypt have visited!

I would love to hear from you and about you. It would be great to connect with you. Leave me a comment, if you will…


4 thoughts on “Are you in Africa?

  1. I am in Cape Town and see Table Mountain daily through my office window! I love reading your posts as soon as I am notified via email! So many ex-South Africans are doing great things in education all over the world. How lovely to connect with you!


  2. Hi there

    I’m a born, bread and buttered Capetonian and love it! I love your blog also and am so inspired by what you do – and that you have the time to share so much with your blogging community.

    I have an education consultancy and train teachers to improve their literacy and special education teaching skills. I work with teachers from “previously disadvantaged” (don’t you just love the SA euphemism?) schools and often visit their classrooms and give support where I can.

    It would be terrific to have more contact! I’m also very interested in your Indian connections. I’m in love with India (been 4 times and have visited a few schools – very briefly) and would really like to spend time teaching there as I think there are many similarities between SA and India.

    Come back for a visit… you won’t be sorry!

    Judi 🙂


  3. Contact me please! I’m a native Cape Townian living in Centurion, Gauteng, teaching Mathematics to high schools. I have only just discovered your blog and would love to connect in some way.



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