A collaborative blog for inquirers…

A variation of this post appeared a few days ago at Inquire Within and several inquirers have already responded.

The Inquire Within blog began almost a year ago, as a result of an interaction between me, a PYP teacher in Melbourne Australia and Tyler, a high school Science teacher in Washington, USA. Despite our different backgrounds, we share a passion for teaching and learning and a belief in the power of inquiry. We wanted the blog to be read by educators who share our beliefs and others who we could help to convert.

At first there was interest and growth, but then it began to slow down, as the contributors were busy with other blogs, with teaching and learning, with their families and with their lives.

The time has come to revive Inquire Within.

I work at a PYP school, where collaborative teams are constantly planning and refining units of inquiry.  We spend hours thinking and talking about ways to deepen inquiry. The more we hand over ownership of the learning to the learners, the more we need to be inquirers ourselves. We think and question and wonder, experiment and explore possibilities and we are constantly learning how to do it better.

Why not learn from and with other educators on the same journey?

There are hundreds of teachers, learners and inquirers who would like to read about and share examples of great inquiry in the classroom. Are you one of them?

There are hundreds of brilliant examples of student centred learning, cultures of thinking and authentic inquiry appearing on teacher and class blogs every day. Is yours one of them?

There are hundreds of teachers doing exciting things with their learning communities every day, who do not blog. Do you know one of them?

There are hundreds of students, excited about owning their learning, reflecting on their own inquiries and discoveries every day. Is one of them in your class?

I would like to see Inquire Within grow into a truly collaborative blog with contributions from inquiry teachers and learners world-wide.  A blog for sharing our beliefs about inquiry, for exploring how to to promote genuine inquiry and, above all, a blog that showcases examples of inquiry learning around the world.

Let me know if you’d like to collaborate!

  • Browse the old posts at Inquire Within and see what you think.
  • You don’t have to be an expert!
  • You can cross post existing posts and link to your own blog.
  • You can be an occasional contributor, even if you are not usually a blogger.
  • You can contribute as frequently or infrequently as you like.
  • You can join the conversation by commenting too.


7 thoughts on “A collaborative blog for inquirers…

  1. Hi Ed, I’d love to contribute to Inquiry Within. I haven’t heard of the site before now, but after looking, have found there are some great resources there. My approach to education is almost completely inquiry and inductive based, and think I’d have some nice things to say.

    I am a young teacher with a lot of ideas. I am currently a substitute teacher in the US, and started my own blog, The Substitute Experience (http://thesubexperience.blogspot.com/), last weekend. Please check it out for some writing samples – there are only five posts so far and they don’t have much to do with inquiry yet… but I have worked extensively in classrooms and understand the dynamic of building excellent questions and discussions.

    Contact me through email for further discussion. Thanks!


  2. Hi edna, I would love to participate in your community as well..i teach in a system where state exams govern everything..and I really have to swim against the tide to do inquiry..have tried a few times, mainly w 14 year olds doing science on wikis..will really appreciate the comradeship..


  3. Hey, my name is Latisha Williams. I’m in Dr. Strange EDM310 class.

    I think what your doing is a very smart way for sharing collaborative ideas. I really think that your blog give teachers a way of sharing inquiry examples of learning around the world.


  4. Hi Edna,
    I would love to be part of your blog and share my attempts with inquiry. After reading your blog, I have become inspired to use inquiry in my classroom this year. I teach reading in a middle school in the United States.


  5. Hello, my name is Zack Burroughs, and I am a student in Dr Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.

    Here is our class blog, and my personal blog.

    I think that PYP within itself is a great way of teaching! It is sad that I have never been in a single class that was taught in this fashion. I am so used to teachers just sitting in the front of some type of a board and just lecturing to me. I checked out the Inquire Within blog, and I think it is very interesting! If I did not have such a full plate with school and work then I would be more than willing to be a regular contributor. I think that PYP is a very innovative way of teaching, and it is definitely the future of teaching. It is a very difficult challenge to get the rest of the world to think that way though.


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