Because I don’t want to…

My blog is a place to reflect, to share experiences and ideas, to process new learning, to think aloud and to ask questions that provoke others to think. I’m addicted to blogging. I often have a few half-written posts in the drafts folder. I usually have a few more posts writing themselves in my head.

But occasionally, for one reason or another, I don’t feel like writing. I don’t feel like sharing. I don’t feel like thinking.

Countless students in classrooms everywhere have days like that. Who knows what’s affecting their mood, their willingness to write, their desire to share or their inclination to learn?

The difference is no-one’s going to make me do it.

Image from Flickr by grinwithoutacat

9 thoughts on “Because I don’t want to…

  1. Thank you. At the end of a long week and a hic-cuppy problem full day, your blog has made me feel better and given me a positive point to reflect on over the weekend.


    1. It happened yesterday. The child did not want to, was sleepy; told me he had a bad night-up every hour to go to the bathroom; he had his head down for most of Literacy; after some reminders about work, I let it go, I didn’t make him….he may be doing better today. Good post.


  2. When people learn, they go through a cycle. For instance, learning a language, we as babies were silent for around one year whle we absorbed new things. Children who learn second language in school talk like parrots when they are in kindergarten, but they hav to absorb the new skills of reading and writing, are quite for a while as they absorbed new processes and basically got comfortable with new ideas.

    Having a silent period is part of the process. We all need to time to sit back, reflect and process. Just know it’s part of the process. Ellen


  3. It’s Friday, I worked late, and I’m getting ready for a sub for four days.Whew! I am a perfectionist, which causes me to procrastinate, which renders me paralyzed. I dont want to update my blog either. Let’s just breathe…


  4. I think it is good sometimes to have “downtime”. I know, as hard as it may seem, I need to give my brain a break too. I know children are the same way and we should respect that.


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