Observe perpetually…

I notice this sign for the first time on the wall in our learning resource centre. Apparently it has been there all year. I am in there every day, sometimes several times a day,  yet the first time I notice it is in the background of a photograph taken in the room!

What else have I not noticed today, this week, all year? What have I missed?

I’m challenging myself to notice and record things that I might have been missing. What have you finally noticed that’s been in front of your eyes all the time?

3 thoughts on “Observe perpetually…

  1. The older I get, the more I notice the complexity of life–the way life can change dramatically in a short amount of time. The ideals that we hold so dear as young educators, parents and individuals is the fuel that propels us forward and keeps us safe and strong as lives become more complex.


  2. Dear Ed,
    I enjoyed this simple but challenging post. I am a very busy student and employ, but this has inspired me to look further into things. Life can seem like it is going to fast sometimes it is important to pay attention to the things in front of us, because if we miss them they are gone!
    Thanks for the post, I look forward to reading more,


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