11 favourite posts from ’11

Adam’s reasons for posting  his 11 best posts of 2011 at  One Year in the Life of an English Teacher made me smile!  I liked the idea of linking back to my own ’11 from  ’11’  for a different reason.  It sent me down a reflective path, reminding me of successes and challenges during the course of year. It made me realise how much has changed and what still needs to.

The posts I have chosen are not necessarily my most popular posts, but I write as much for myself as for anyone else, so here are eleven of my favourite posts from 2011…

1.  10 things to do on the first day of school  (January)

2.  How do teachers learn? (February)

3.  Open the gate… (Things have changed!) (April)

4.  Does your school..? (June)

5.  A school in Pune  (July)

6. Embracing technology (August)

7.  Play House  (August)

8.  Ignite, Engage, Inspire  (September)

9. What do you mean? (October)

10. Thoughts from my own inquiry (October)

11. Where do great ideas come from? (December)

3 thoughts on “11 favourite posts from ’11

  1. When I was reflecting back on a year of blogging I was surprised at the different motivations I’d had for writing each post. A year is a long time and looking back on what you’ve written – like you, I write as much for myself as anyone else – can be quite enlightening.


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