What does it mean to be educated?

‘What does it mean to be educated?’ is the theme of the 2012 IB Asia Pacific Conference. Since the organisers were seeking students’ perspectives, I asked some 12 year-olds what they thought. I liked the spontaneity, enthusiasm and sophistication of their responses…

Ask your students!

5 thoughts on “What does it mean to be educated?

  1. Hi Edna

    I really liked the perspective of you student who stated that “being educated means to receive and embrace the opportunity to make a difference in the world”. Actually I appreciated all their perspectives. After the holiday break I am going to try this with my class.

    I was speaking with a parent two days ago who about the IB. He was a lecturer in the UK, lecturing in the arts. He was describing the difference between the IB graduates and the graduates from other systems and the advantage the IB gradutes had over the others when it came to formulating discussions and arguments as the world view was that much wider. They excelled where other students who has been taught to pass exams struggled. Not the first time I have heard this from a lecturer. I feel this adds credit to what we do, wha I do.

    Glenn (twitter gcd28)


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