Please help us to build our theatre!

In a small country, in a small town near the middle of the world, surrounded by volcanoes and a landscape of spectacular beauty, a small group of people is working to promote literacy and the arts. The Fundacion Arte del Mundo is based in the town of Baños de Agua Santa, Tungurahua, Ecuador . Its mission is to share the love of books and the arts with the children and adults of Baños, through utilizing the creativity and talents of volunteers from all over the world.

I’ve written before about my visit to La Bib, just over a year ago. I loved the work that happens in their ‘interactive library’, the shining eyes of the kids and the pride they take in their reading, the creativity that pervades this special space, the warmth of the volunteers and the welcoming local community.

The group’s newest and most exciting initiative in promoting the arts is to convert their garage into a community theatre for the town of Baños. They have volunteers from all over the world hoping to come to Ecuador over the summer to help build a theatre and inaugurate it with a community based performance.

Read about (and support!) their campaign to raise funds. Every small donation will be appreciated.

If you have theatre or technical theatre skills, carpentry or electrical skills and would be interested in participating in the three week volunteer program over the summer, please contact

(Detailed information about the volunteer program here.)

(I confess… the one in green is my daughter!)

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