End of an era…

My mother was a lady.

That’s the way people remember her. It’s a recurring theme in the messages of condolence, even from those who hadn’t seen her in decades.  And it was noticed still by those who were with her right near the end.

They remember her graciousness, her hospitality, her dignity, her gentleness and her warmth.  I probably inherited more of her stubbornness and determination.

Going through my parents’ papers brings history alive.  An aged postcard from Lithuania.  A slightly tattered marriage certificate. Old identity documents from several countries.  Copies of forms filled in searching for missing relatives after the war. Childhood drawings by grandchildren now in their twenties and thirties. Certificates, articles, letters and photographs.

It’s the end of an era.

10 thoughts on “End of an era…

  1. My dear friend,
    I am sorry to hear of your loss. No matter how old we are we are still our mother’s child. I am happy that you have been left with such a rich history to help her memory live on. Often times we find those memories are what best sustain us.


  2. “Her stubborness and her determination helped her cope with the knocks life dealt her. Hopefully with those qualities you too will cope with the hardships you’ve had to deal with during this sad time. Love Zoe


  3. Yes, you did inherit an admirably determined nature; and so much more. Take your time. Allow the memories to become treasured friends. An era may have ended, but just look at her legacy!


  4. Been online sporadically recently so just read your news. So sorry to hear of your loss and understand how difficult this must be when you are in different countries. It sounds as though you will learn even more about your mother from the things she’s left behind. Stubbornness & determination not bad characteristics to inherit 🙂


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