A new direction…

At the start of 2013, I’ll be reducing my role as Teaching and Learning Coordinator at my school and looking for new challenges.

Since I will no longer be employed full-time, I’ll have time to share my educational knowledge and experience, in person or virtually, and I’m excited by the possibilities.

I’d love to facilitate workshops for teachers (or students, or student teachers) in inquiry learning, creating a culture of thinking, 21st century skills, concept-driven learning, educational leadership, global connectedness, promoting creativity…. or anything else I have written about on this blog that appeals to you.

I’d be happy to help you develop a vision for implementing technology, work with teachers to promote student centred learning, assist in building a community of practice, or help your school articulate your learning principles.

You can contact me at whatedsaidideas@gmail.com. Please do not send me sales emails of any kind. Guest bloggers post here at my invitation only. If you have other ideas, offers, collaborations or workshop requests, please email me!

4 thoughts on “A new direction…

  1. Congratulations on this godsent opportunity to take a new direction.
    Count yourself lucky! Not everyone is this!

    I want to encourage you to take up at least one of the “am not great at” fields. And, explore it at leisure. I am sure you have done enough teaching and guiding to know that you might well surprise yourself at how naturally you seem to absorb these old subjects from a new viewpoint.

    Looking forward to interacting more with you! And Good luck!


  2. I know that whoever takes up the opportunity of working with Edna will be motivated, inspired, enriched and challenged in the same way as I have been over the past few years


  3. I’m happy and excited for you Edna!

    As someone who has greatly benefited from your wisdom, inspiration and support I can honestly say that whoever chooses to work with you is wise to do so!

    All the best on your new direction.


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