To extraordinary teachers…



26 thoughts on “To extraordinary teachers…

  1. Hi Edna,

    Thanks for reassuring teachers everywhere that it is actually a good thing to challenge your beliefs (and those of others), innovate and continually evolve as a teacher.

    Working within a ‘system’ can certainly be challenging and it is often difficult to stick to your convictions when many others are happy to follow the crowd.

    Ultimately we have to think about our students and believe what we’re doing for them is the best we can offer!

    Luckily, there is a wonderful community of like-minded educators online who we can evolve and connect with. This provides reassurance.



  2. As a teacher who has been blessed to work with such brilliant educators, I have seen their struggle and their passion and feel in awe! We need to make sure that when they reach that point when self-belief hits an all time low, that we remind them of the truth; they are needed!


  3. I love it Edna. Inspiring, reflective, and so true. Can I cross-post on PYP PE with Andy. I will create link back to your website. More teachers must see this! Let me know if I have your permission to cross-post. It’s great.


  4. I love the post and yet I feel at odds saying so because it’s like saying ‘i’m an extraordinary teacher’….which is precisely your point.

    How do you do it? say in so few words that which is so deep and incomprehensible and paradoxical. You have the gift. And you are a gift. I am blessed to know you and of you.


  5. Hi Edna, I often soliloquize these thoughts… definitely a road less traveled; and sometimes that road is even “unsealed!” I would like to think that one day the “extraordinary” teacher becomes the ordinary. In other words, education transcends to the vision we know it can be and needs to be for today and beyond.


  6. Reblogged this on Yvonne McCracken and commented:
    I recognise this teacher. I have worked beside this teacher and I have known them as an Adviser and as a Headteacher. This piece captures that lifelong quest you see in teachers for the very best experience for their pupils…and their own contribution never quite reaches the bar they set themselves.
    If I could wave a magic wand I would want to take away that perfectionism yet retain that desire to teach to the highest standard. Loved this poem.


  7. I am re-reading this post as I prepare for the start of a new school year here in North America. It speaks beautifully to the hearts of teachers! Would you allow me to share this post on my school’s professional learning google site (with a link to your blog)? So many others need to see it!


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