Direct your own learning…

Direct your own learning…

It’s the title of my session at the Reform Symposium Conference and it’s the essence of the conference itself. 

Do you check your email or dream of being outside during professional development sessions provided by your school? Is content dictated from above and attendance compulsory? Is it usually the ‘one size fits all’ variety of PD that rarely fits anyone? 

Put together by teachers for teachers, the Reform Symposium Conference (#RSCON4) is a ‘global community initiative to transform teaching and learning.’ It’s an online conference, in which presenters and attendees will participate from around the globe.

It’s an opportunity to direct your own learning…

Choose which sessions to participate in. Connect with educators globally. Join the conversations and add your perspective. Share practice, hear about innovative approaches, learn… all from the comfort of your couch.


I believe that all teachers need to be learners first.

I’m glad I work in a school where teachers’ learning is valued as much as that of students. I often write about different approaches to professional learning and I’ve shared some of the innovations at my school, here, here and here.

So I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience at a conference like #RSCON4. And I appreciate the learning that will come out of attending sessions by other presenters. Most of all I appreciate the opportunity afforded me by the organisers, to suggest presenters for them to invite. I’ve recommended educators I know online and some I know in person, some better known, some lesser known, but all have inspired me in some way through their ideas and their work. I choose to learn from them and with them…

I direct my own learning.

Reform Symposium Conference – October 11-13

5 thoughts on “Direct your own learning…

  1. Dear Edna, thank you so much for this post. I hadn’t heard of RSCON yet. It’s great to know that so many people in our education world are happy to share their thoughts! I really wish to be part of that movement as well, so I’ll start enrolling 🙂


  2. Hi Ms. Sackson,

    My name is Courtney. I’m a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. This (RSCON) sounds like a great opportunity for educators, especially for new educators. Allowing Educators to choose areas they want to improve on is beneficial and gives them the opportunity to show areas where they are strong. How often do these seminars occur?


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