How much do you share?

I wonder why some people feel the need to live their lives so publicly via social media. I don’t mean a simple tweet about what you had for breakfast (although no one cares) but rather the kind of Facebook update where someone declares their undying love in intimate detail. Love him? Tell him, not us.

Don’t get me wrong. I find social media invaluable for learning and sharing as well as for creating and maintaining both personal and professional connections.

There’s an interesting meme going around, where edu bloggers reveal a bit about themselves by responding to a series of questions set by fellow bloggers. The intention is to ‘give readers a look behind the digital masks that writers show outwardly to the world’. While I appreciate being tagged by several of them, I’ve elected not to respond.

I’m quite content behind my digital mask, blogging mostly about education, with an occasional personal post when there is a significant event in my life.

I find it satisfying gradually getting to know people via what and how they write…

6 thoughts on “How much do you share?

  1. I think there are many right answers to this question–depends a lot about who you are and what the focus of your digital presence is. I believe it’s important to discuss our choices, but not to choose a right answer for most topics (Obviously there is a right answer with regard to some topics though). My two-cents.


  2. I really can say that I agree about the lack of involving people through social media about their personal life. People sometimes overdue social media. Social media can sometimes detour people about whats real in life. Making tweets can be good , but not when everyone knows your love fantasy. Getting to know a person on how they write or through via can be benificial. It helps you know hoe their thought process is.


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