Kids in the cloud…

‘Can you do a dance for us?’ 


‘Join in. Copy us’…


The connection with the School in the Cloud lab isn’t very good today – the picture is choppy and it’s difficult to hear some of the time. None of this deters the girls in either Delhi or Melbourne and they find ways to communicate despite the limitations. They are persistent, they keep calling again when Skype drops out, they type in the text box, wait patiently for responses, add emoticons and… they dance the Macarena.

This is my favourite aspect of being involved in Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud project.

I really enjoy my sessions as a ‘cloud granny’ and have, over the years, learned a great deal from my interactions with kids in less advantaged settings in different parts of India. I find it satisfying being involved behind the scenes, interviewing prospective e-mediators and giving feedback about the new website. I have developed some wonderful friendships with others involved and it’s been fascinating to follow the progress of the project over time and to see Sugata’s TED prize dream come to life, but…

Watching kids from different countries and cultures connecting and finding common ground, despite differing beliefs, languages and backgrounds, beats all the rest by far.

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