Technology and carelessness…

Have you ever accidentally hit ‘reply’ instead of ‘forward’ and sent an email intended for someone else?

Have you ever unintentionally included the person you were talking about in an email?

Have you accidentally posted a draft to your blog before it was ready for posting?

Have you ever posted something personal, not intended for your public audience, to your professional blog?

I’ve done all of those, the last one just this morning, but I’ve deleted it now.

The advantages of picking up even a tiny a device and being able to easily create and publish content come with the need for care and caution…

3 thoughts on “Technology and carelessness…

  1. Reblogged this on Educationsupportuk and commented:
    I havn’t, but I do know someone who has and it really caused them lots of problems when they sent an email to the wrong person! so beware everyone.


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